Sandwell Advocacy is a registered charity who have been providing independent advocacy throughout Sandwell since 1993. As such we are a well-established community based organisation with a proven track record of providing high quality advocacy support.  We were established to support vulnerable individuals who feel that their needs, rights and wishes have not been taken into account when planning and delivering health and social care services.  We have a team of qualified advocacy practitioners delivering a range of specialist advocacy projects throughout Sandwell.

We support individuals who feel that they have no meaningful involvement in decisions that are made which directly affect their lives. We adopt an outcome focused approach that works with individuals to ensure they are placed at the heart of the decision-making process. We support people to ensure that they are able to explore avenues open to them, to discuss options and ensure that people make informed decisions.  Ultimately we work to empower people to have more say and control over what happens in their lives.Our users tell us that they feel more confident to articulate their needs, rights and wishes more effectively as a result of accessing our advocacy service.

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