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Voices and Choices Project

Our Voices and Choices Project is a three year project funded by the Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation.  This project supports older people in Sandwell who have a long-term health condition with a range of accommodation issues.

The key aims of this project are:

  • To ensure that older people wishing to remain/maintain living independently in their own homes with appropriate support are able to do so.
  • To ensure that older people and their families/carers/friends who are considering options around care provider accommodation have access to relevant information and are supported to make informed decisions.

The Voices and Choices Project supports older people to:

  • Ensure that people have a voice, are aware of their rights and choices and are empowered to make informed decisions.
  • Ensure that early intervention and appropriate care is put in place where a person wishes and is able to remain to remain living independently in their own home.
  • Ensure that family members/friends are aware of their rights and entitlements with regard to carers benefits.
  • Will address loneliness and isolation and ensure that older people are more connected to their community and social support networks.
  • Improve their quality of life and emotional wellbeing.
Voice and Choices
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