Meet Our Trustees: Sandwell Advocacy Trustees

Trustee Responsibilities:

Sandwell Advocacy is a registered Charity and is regulated by the Charity Commission. We are guided by their recommended Code of Conduct which simply means that we are committed to the aims and values of Sandwell Advocacy and always act in the best interests of the organisation.

When joining the Board of Trustees (also known as the Management Committee) we agree:

  • To be a pool of expertise and give advice, using our knowledge and life experience to make informed decisions.
  • To provide support for the Project Coordinator who is delegated the management of the organisation.

Together the Management Committee Members undertake 4 key duties:

  • Determine Mission and Strategy – we set the organisation’s direction and determine how it will get there.
  • Be Accountable – we act with integrity, being held to account for the actions of the organisation to maintain public confidence and trust.
  • Make effective decisions – we should be informed and rigorous, debating the issues effecting the operation of the organisation.
  • Manage Risk – we monitor systems which identify risks and control the use of assets including finances.