As of week commencing 20/7/20 all Sandwell Advocacy staff not identified as clinically vulnerable have now returned to office-based working and can now be contacted on our office number during their working hours.

We have consulted with all Sandwell Advocacy staff throughout this process to ensure that their concerns have been addressed and reassure staff that their safety is our number one priority.

We have performed a COVID-specific risk assessment to make sure that our workplace is following updated guidelines on social distancing, hygiene etc? This is reviewed on a weekly basis and has been updated in light of the staff team returning to office-based working.

Our current position on operational practices allows for meetings to take place in our meeting room providing all appropriate infection control measures are taken, including thoroughly sanitising tables, handles etc. following use.  All visitors will be asked to sanitise their hands upon their arrival.  We are currently not conducting any visits out in the community, all contact with those we support will continue to be done remotely via telephone and digital platforms.